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Naturally Brown Woman, is an empowering one-hour weekly show hosted by Tammy Williams.

Naturally Brown Woman is more than a show, it’s a workshop that provides hands on-practical tools on entrepreneurship, skin and hair care best practices, mental and emotional health and so much more.

Through candid conversations, expert advice, and personal stories, the series explore a ray of topics, fostering a supportive community.

Naturally Brown Woman is the natural resource of information dedicated to women of color and those who advocate for and stand by them.


This Is It! BBQ is celebrating 40 years in business. CEO & Founder, Shelle “Butch” Anthony is giving back to the community with a free premiere of his transparent and encouraging documentary, This Is It! The Miracle of BBQ.


Series - Development - Casting

On the harsh streets of Atlanta Georgia, sometimes traditional healthcare is not an option.Street Nurses is an inspiring series of people who will go to extremes to care for others. This small group of nurses and medical staff face harsh challenges every day as they try to keep the people in the slums healthy and safe. The Street Nurses motto is: Care with Caution as anything can happen in this volatile arena. Everyone deserves medical attention when they need it and Street Nurses are here to answer that call. This show is centered around a young woman named BRIANNA who went on a downward spiral after the death of her mother. She found herself alone and addicted to heroine and one day she was cornered in an alley and brutally attacked. Brianna was left for dead when suddenly a group of strangers came to her rescue and treated her injuries. She woke up in a makeshift hospital a few days later to discover that she had been saved by a private group of medical professionals known as “The Street Nurses,” and that her mother was one of the founding members before she passed away. CREATED, WRITTEN PRODUCED BY ALVIN & TAMMY WILLIAMS DIRECTED BY TAMMY WILLIAMS

Series - Script

After being convicted of money laundering, a concert promoter and street hustler is ordered to serve home arrest with his estranged wife and her boyfriend, while raising their kids and dealing with his wife's disapproving sisters. He leans on his old friends for support and together they navigate the ups and downs of life and business in the streets.

Feature - Script

In the intimate and artistic setting of the Poets & Wine Café, life's intricacies unfold. Veronica Simms, a talented singer, poet, and cook, is the heart of the café. Using her background as a social worker, she intricately understands and tends to people's emotional needs, often expressing herself through her captivating performances and unique culinary creations. CREATED, WRITTEN PRODUCED BY ALVIN & TAMMY WILLIAMS DIRECTED BY TAMMY WILLIAMS

Series - Development

The Visionary Founder: Roslyn Links, a tech prodigy turned financial maverick, lays the groundwork for Tulsa Bank's physical incarnation. Her dream is grand – a nationwide network of community banks designed for African Americans. CREATED, WRITTEN PRODUCED BY ALVIN & TAMMY WILLIAMS DIRECTED BY TAMMY WILLIAMS

Joi and friends turn to stripping after job loss. When a friend is assaulted by the club owner, they plan a heist for justice. As they target a bigger club, a police raid leads to a gripping hostage crisis, testing their bond and strength.