Film and Series That Are Virtual Productions


Film and Series That Are Virtual Productions

The Mandalorian:  The Lucasfilms’ production was one of the first to embrace virtual production techniques and is credited with popularizing it. You can stream ‘The Mandalorian’ seasons 1 & 2 on Disney+.

Game of Thrones: This wildly popular series employed virtual technology a little differently than it’s sci-fi counterpart. ‘Game of Thrones’ began using virtual reality in the early days of production to scout virtual scenes and pre-visualize some of the more complicated environments. This allowed production to better plan character blocking, lighting, camera angles and more, and gave them a much more flexible workflow. You can stream ‘Game of Thrones’ on HBO.

Westworld: For season 3 of ‘Westworld’, the producers recreated a set virtually to capture pickup shots. Miles Perkins, the director of business development at Unreal Engine said, “Instead of flying cast and crew back to a location in Spain, the set was recreated virtually on a soundstage in Los Angeles.” This cut down on cost and time associated with post-production. Westworld streams on HBO.

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