Rental Policies for CS145 Virtual Production Studios
Reservations and Bookings At CS145 Virtual Production Studios, securing a studio requires a non-refundable 50% deposit. Upon receipt, we will schedule your session and send a Booking Confirmation to your contact details. The balance of the rental fee is due at the time of your booking.

Deposit Policy

Deposits at CS145 are non-refundable and are required to confirm your booking, ensuring that the studio is not booked by another client for the same date and time. A minimum deposit of 50% of the studio fee is required at booking. Any payment above this 50% will be treated as part of the non-refundable deposit.  Use of Additional Studio Areas Charges will apply for any use of studio areas that were not part of the original reservation.

Cancellations and Schedule

Adjustments Booking dates can be altered up to 5 days prior to your scheduled session. Within 4 days of your booking, the schedule is fixed and cannot be modified. Start time adjustments are permitted until 24 hours before the session, depending on availability. Early studio occupancy will incur charges for the additional time used. Billing is based on the reserved time, not on actual arrival or departure times. All time overages will be billed accordingly, and there are no discounts for ending sessions early.

Overtime and Extended Use

Should your session extend beyond the reserved time, additional hours will be charged at the studio’s hourly rate, availability permitting. Payments for any equipment rented during the session are due at the time of the booking.

Equipment Rental

Rental rates for our studios do not include lighting or other equipment. We provide a variety of rental equipment, which can be added to your booking at any time, subject to availability. Each production has unique requirements, and our pre-light systems are designed to be ready for immediate use, eliminating the need for transporting equipment.

Studio Floor Conditions

Our Green Screen studio floors are provided as-is. If a fresh coat of paint is required, the following charges will apply:  Chroma Key Green:  Driving a vehicle onto the green screen floors results in a fee of $100-$350 to cover paint repairs for tire marks.

Damage and Cleanliness Clients are responsible for any damage to the studio’s infrastructure, equipment, or other assets, and must replace any missing or damaged items.

Studios must be returned to their original state. CS145 handles basic cleaning, including mopping and sweeping. An additional $325 cleaning fee will be charged if the studio requires extensive cleaning post-booking.

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